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RINGANA care products

Every skin loves fresh cosmetics

RINGANA stands for fresh naturalness and concentrated action. The nature itself is the one that provides all the ingredients for RINGANA fresh cosmetics. Recipes with a scientific claim do not falsify them. You need the right extraction, processing and combination of the active ingredients to make them effective.

Absolute freshness, expertise and a good portion of heart.

By the immediate processing of the fresh raw materials, the valuable ingredients remain optimally preserved. With RINGANA fresh cosmetics the skin saves preservatives and solvents, stabilizers and mineral oils. This in turn means that the products have an expiration date - the RINGANA high-tech fresh cosmetics is therefore "durable bis_ _".

The effect of fresh cosmetics is immediately felt: the skin quenches its thirst and breathes.

Specialists from nature


Needs of the human body are very complex and the demands that we place on our body are often very high. For the RINGANA research one more reason to deal even more intensively with the individual challenges of modern life.

The result is the RINGANA CAPS, the specialist for individual needs - whether for weight loss, memory support, immune system, healthy sleep and tight connective tissue, etc. The RINGANA PACKS support the basic supply of vitamins and vital substances within a healthy and balanced diet The RINGANA CAPS can be adapted to specific needs of the body. The contained concentrated plant combinations work specifically for special wellness aspects. Ingredients are dosed to complement and enhance each other optimally.Costable natural essences from all countries of the world - Irish sea water algae, Siberian tiger grass, Japanese soya, Indian ginseng, Russian Rhodiola rosea, Tibetan sand dog, Chinese reishi and many other valuable, natural Extracts - have been carefully selected and combined with the utmost care in unique products.


Food supplement with unrivaled power

The human organism is infinitely complex and miraculous. So that the body remains healthy for as long as possible, he needs daily vital substances. The best way, as nature has created and combined it - not a chemically generated copy, but the original.
The fresh PACKS from RINGANA are a purely natural supplement to the diet and, combined with a balanced and healthy diet, offer the optimal care for more energy, balance and vitality.
Vegetable food with its wonderful substances has been proven to be the most important pillar of a healthy lifestyle. This is the first secret of the RINGANA PACKS: The natural dietary supplements consist exclusively of phytoactive fruits, vegetables and herbs.
RINGANA PACKS are mixed with valuable vitamins, minerals, trace elements, important nutrients and secondary plant materials. They can support the organism in his day-to-day tasks and ensure balanced, balanced care. RINGANA PACKS are the basic suppliers.
The formulations of dietary supplements combine the latest scientific knowledge with ancient wisdom (for example Ayurveda, hildegard medicine influences). Fruit and vegetable varieties are generally freeze-dried. The vitality yield is optimal, the procedure so mild that even the cell structures of the fruits persist. No heat damage, no concomitant loss.


The concept

Fresh drinks

So easy: Our Fresh DRINKS

Our DRINKS support in a variety of ways. They refresh and inspire, they support the diet or cheer gently. In short, RINGANA DRINKS not only do well with the palate, they also inspire body and spirit.