Spirit- und Hypnosezentrum HORUS
Spirit- und Hypnosezentrum HORUS



I'll tell you now
400% Philosophy

Ringana is built on 4 columns.
100% fresh
100% active ingredient
100% consistently
100% ethical

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100% freshness

"How can you imagine that? Fresh raw materials
Are freshly delivered, freshly processed and directly
Our customers throughout Europe. We certainly agree that freshness makes a big difference.
Active ingredients in cosmetics have a small unpleasant side effect, they only act when they are given freshly.
The freshness also allows us to work with whole
Other active substances. "

100% active ingredients

"Traditional natural cosmetics manufacturers define themselves
On the renouncement of problems - for RINGANA
Which has been a self - evident fact since 1996
We do not need to point out. We define
Us above all about the effectiveness. Let me give you an example: imagine a cherry tree in the spring. It stands in its full bloom, the buds, young, fresh and full of enzymes - in it everything is vital to bring out the beautiful, sweet-tasting plump cherries.

These plant enzymes are so sensitive that they would lose their effect by preservation. RINGANA waives this preservation, is FRESH and therefore we can use it!

These bud extracts can be found, for example, in the hydroserum, in our cream concentrates, but also in the deodorant, male fluid and tinting fluid. Firm, delicate, velvety soft skin is guaranteed. "


100% consistency

"That is, sustainability in all areas, e.g. Our glass bottles of facial care are packed in organic cotton handkerchiefs, which you can use as a guest hand towel at home. And imagine, if you have collected 10 such glass flakes, simply send them back to RINGANA and you will receive a care product of your choice FREE OF CHARGE. "

100% ethics

"For RINGANA, ethics means respect for our fellow human beings, the animal world, the plant world and ourselves. For RINGANA, therefore, it is self-evident that animal testing is produced. The care products do not contain any animal ingredients - so we are vegan.

And you support a wide range of social projects with every purchase. "